Special Party Invitation + Exhibition Baseball at Museo Hemingway

Free Game Admission to Each and All

WHAT:   Gigi All-Stars 4th Annual Exhibition Baseball Game and Holiday Celebration

  • Reading of holiday story - excerpts from The Hemingway Monologues: Part Two by “Hon. Papa” Brian Gordon Sinclair/Hemingway On Stage.
  • Presentation of diplomas to official team members.
  • Presentation of Hemingway holiday card containing a gift for each player.
  • Presentation of signed copies of The Hemingway Monologues: Part Two – The Lost Generation to the Gigi All-Stars/Estrellas de Guigui.
  • Special presentation of Cubacan Bats by Canada’s Bill Ryan and Gerardo Hernandez.
  • Holiday cake and party.
  • Full tour of Hemingway estate.

WHEN:  2:00 PM, Saturday, December 2, 2017

WHERE:  Finca Vigia – Museo Hemingway, San Francisco de Paula, Cuba

WHO:  All Hemingway aficionados and their families are invited to attend. No charge for the game, presentation and tour.

WHY:  It’s for the children; it’s for Hemingway; it’s for you to have a great time.  Do you really need any other reasons?

HISTORY:  In the 1940’s, the team was originally formed to provide an activity for    Hemingway’s sons when they visited their father. It was named after Ernest’s youngest son Gregory, also known as Gig and Gigi. During this time, Hemingway provided uniforms, equipment and drove the kids anyplace they could arrange a game. At Christmas, the children were invited to Finca Vigia (Lookout Farm), the Hemingway estate, where Ernest would tell stories to the children and give each one a present.

Six years ago, The Director of Museo Hemingway and Oscar “Cayuco” – the Homerun Kid – Blas, the 86 year old surviving member of the original team, decided to revive the Gigi All-Stars. It has been my pleasure to assist with that revival. In December of 2013 (helped by members of the Hemingway Look Alike Society) I not only had the privilege of arranging uniforms and equipment for the team but I also revived the storytelling tradition along with the presentation of a gift to each child. One of the stories I told explained how the children stopped stealing mangos from the estate when they had a positive alternative – the great shared North American and Cuban pastime, baseball. The event was so successful that it will continue as an annual event as long as the team exists.

As Patron of the Gigi All-Stars, I summon you, my fellow Hemingway aficionados, to Cuba. I ask that you make this visit to honour the legacy of a great Nobel Laureate. I also ask that you make this visit for the love of baseball, for the love of children and for the love of our common humanity. I guarantee you will love the game; you will love the children and, by the end of your visit, you will love the warm, friendly, generous people of Cuba. This year, let us give the Gigi All-Stars a real present – the banner of friendship from Canada, from all around the world and from you.


  • Pre-plan your Christmas holiday schedule. If you plan now, you can make the trip and not interfere with you own family holiday. You will also have the good will of having helped bring some joy to the village of San Francisco de Paula
  • S. attendees only: Now that the trip is legal, you can fly directly from the USA.
  • Stay in contact for a special Canadian trip.
  • Come to the game. No matter what your travel arrangements, the game and presentation ceremony are free.
  • Bring a napkin. You can eat all the mangoes you want.

FINAL THOUGHT: These are a group of talented and deserving kids who need our support. Your free ticket is reserved. If you can’t use it, please tell someone who can.

QUESTIONS?  email me

Tel. 705-435-4814                   Cell 705-717-0839

Note:  Cayuco passed away on Dec. 28, 2016. There will be a special tribute.

Cuba Solidarity in Canada

Five Decades of People-to-People Foreign Relations

Cuba Solidarity in Canada is a collection of essays about the Canadian Solidarity movement in support of Cuba during more than 50 years. The book suggests a framework that informs the reader on the meaning, positive influence and potentially valuable role that solidarity can play in the relationship between peoples, indeed between nations.

Brian Gordon Sinclair is proud to have contributed the twelfth and final chapter to this fine work and to have shared the pages of this book with several friends and colleagues. What follows is the abstract for his chapter. Read the abstract, read the chapter, read the book. Enjoy it all:

Abstract: Brian Gordon Sinclair (Hemingway On Stage)
Ernest Hemingway: One Canadian’s Doorway into Cuba (Brian Gordon Sinclair)

I speak not of politics but of love. Ernest Hemingway opened a doorway that allowed me to  discover the vibrant love of literature and people that is Cuba. He lived there for twenty years until forced out by America’s fear of socialism. His spirit, however, is still there. I know that because when I meet the people of Cuba, as a writer and performer of Hemingway, I can feel it. His spirit exists in the people, in their hearts. Now he has moved into legend. In Havana, in Holguin and in Santiago, I have had the pleasure of sharing that legend. I have portrayed Hemingway at the 50th Anniversary of the meeting of Fidel Castro and Ernest Hemingway. They met at an international fishing tournament organized by Hemingway and where Fidel won the trophy for catching the most fish. I have appeared in Holguin at the Cuban 5 Colloquium while speaking in support of freedom and relishing the joy of a festival called Los Romerias de Mayo and I have appeared in Santiago de Cuba, sharing my work with students at the University of Oriente and participating in the astounding Festival of the Caribbean. In each case, my experience was intensely personal. In each case, Ernest Hemingway led me to and through an island that I did not know, to an island that now summons me to know more, much more.

The 2ND Annual Ernest Hemingway Exhibition Baseball Game and Holiday Celebration took place in San Francisco de Paula, Cuba at Finca Vigia/Museo Hemingway in December of 2014. Each year, Brian Gordon Sinclair, in the Hemingway tradition, reads a story to the children after their game. In this particular year, he chose to read a book for which he recorded the narration. He read The Pirate Night Before Christmas, adapted by his friend Sammie Mays from the original The Night Before Christmas.

Listen to The Pirate Night Before Christmas!